SoftNET Services

STPI has been the pioneer in the country as Data Communication Service Provider since 1993. STPI caters to the data communication needs of the quality conscious Indian IT industry by providing SoftNET Services. SoftNET services include SoftPOINT service, providing Point-to-Point International Private Leased line Connectivity and SoftLINK service, providing Internet Leased line Connectivity.

STPI also holds the Category-A Internet Service Provider (ISP) license with ALL INDIA as the service area. STPI is the first commercial Internet Service Provider of India and the first to offer Digital Private Line through multiple-access radio network and first to demonstrate Video Conferencing.

STPI’s National service delivery and management infrastructure includes 57 Independent Internet Gateways serving internet leased services, through its state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre (NOC), comprehensive Network Management Systems (NMS), Data Centre, and Disaster Recovery (DR) site.

With the robust, resilient, and cutting edge network infrastructure and strong processes driven by quality, STPI’s customer oriented services have become the benchmark for quality and reliability.