Tape Vaulting Service

The Storage of data in Off-site is known as Vaulting. The Storage can be on Tapes/CD/DVD/Disk, vaulted in fire proof Cabinet in a temperature controlled Environment.

Feature of Tape Vaulting Service:

  • Strong Room with Manned Security, Proximity Card, CCTV & Magnetic locks.
  • Individually locking fireproof unbreakable rack.
  • Sophisticated Fire Detection and Suppression Systems.
  • 24/7/365 access for customers to retrieve/recycle their vaulted tapes.
  • Temperature / humidity control - Set to remain within acceptable limits.
  • Fire Rated - Walls, Floor, Ceiling , Door and Tape Vaults.
  • Access - Locked entrance, with limited authorized access.
  • Proper Logs will be maintained for the movement of media.
  • Card readers on all the exterior and interior doors.


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